Lynne Digby was born in England and has been involved with the visual arts all her life.


Early in her career she was exclusively apprenticed to Harold Town,

the internationally known abstract-expressionist who died in 1990.

He considered her talent valuable enough to spend his time teaching and encouraging her in the development of her own unique styles.


The artist has studied in England, Canada, Switzerland and Mexico.  Proficient in oil and water media, she paints realism with the same sureness she brings to her expressionistic pieces.


Ms Digby has won numerous awards, and her works are included in corporate and private collections.  She is an exhibiting member of the Garrison Art Center, Garrison, N.Y.  Woodstock Artist’s Association & Museum, Woodstock,N.Y. and is represented by: The Flying Pig Gallery, Sussex, N.J.  She is also represented by: Art South, Inc., Philadelphia, and Artist’s Space, Manhattan, N.Y. Ms. Digby is listed in “Who’s Who in American Art.”

 The artist’s work can be viewed on the web at:
www.lynnedigby.com  Artistsspace.org 
Garrisonartcenter.org and Art4business.com


Arstist's statement

On our unique and beautiful planet, no two trees are alike, no dawn or sunset

ever the same. I try to capture the spirit of these images . . . try to arrest it on canvas and paper.


A common thread of my painting is color. In whatever medium I am painting, color is always important to me. Sometimes it collaborates in delicious

unexpected ways, and sometimes I must search for subtle combinations with

 much patience.


But what is color without light?  Whether it’s soft and misty, bright brittle sunlight on water, or pale cold moonlight, it weaves emotional enchantment and is a constant fascination for this artist.







Tel. 845.294-6512   email: info@lynnedigby.com  
All images are © Lynne Digby and are the sole property of the artist.